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Birth Energy Analysis

Feedback Form

If you have already received your response from the database, please give us with your feedback.
Otherwise you may want to return to the submission page to do that first.
  • First we would like to know how you rate the accuracy of the Energy Profile, does it feel right?.
  • We also invite you to provide any comments you have regarding the procedure, the form and the format of the response.
  • Or ask any questions of the researchers you might have.
  • You can also send email to James McConnell about the I Ching aspect of the questionnaire.
We would like to know how the response from the database felt to you. Were the positive aspects of the selected matches representative of what you sense would really fit with who you are? Please do not think about it too much, but respond based on how the descriptions "felt"
Please rate the Energy Profile? Right On Not Bad So So Not Really Way Off

The response listed the 30 best matches to you energetically. It also stated what could be expected, both positively and otherwise from that energetic match.
In your experience, were the "less than positive" aspects of the match familiar to you in the light of your relationships past and present?
The Matches selected were: Right On Not Bad So So Not Really Way Off

In a similar vein, were the really positive aspects of the match those you would look for in a really good relationship?
In this regard, the matches were: Right On Not Bad So So Not Really Way Off