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February 6, 2008

New Life for an old friend

If you are having trouble accessing an existing account, my apologies. Some upgrading to the logon and subscription requirements have resulted in a numer of accounts being deleted. This was necessary where insufficiant information was present to calculate an accurate reading. This has now stabilized.

If you cannot access your reading, please simply recreate your profile using the updated interface. This will ensure all required information is present, and result in more accurate and consistent readings. Please be caeful to get your birth longitude and time zone correct. Even with correct and accurate birth times, without the remaining data, significant errors can occur.
The profile entry for includes a link to an on-line resource with excellent tools for determining the longitude, time zone and daylight savings times for practically every city in the world.

You can now edit your reading profile (including changing your password), so if you believe your original profile needs updating, or if you cannot remember what data you entered, you are now able to review and update all the information provided.

I have updated the subscription date for all existing members until the end of 2008. You will be able to view your daily hexagram every day for that period. I will be starting an email subscription program, where for a minimum yearly fee, you can receive your daily hexagram and brief analysis every day by email. This service will include season tips and reminders about important energy change dates.

Posted by james at February 6, 2008 4:20 AM