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March 17, 2011

Hsien Tien Method page upgraded

The Hsien Tien method of accessing the I Ching is the most popular page on the Energy Master site by significant margin. I recently updated the page and method to include the option of correcting the calculation for your local time zone. The ancient Chinese were extremely precise in their time calculations. All official time related to one reference in the imperial capital, and even today, China lives under one time zone (+8) and Chinese are used to there being an 'official' time and a 'local time'. Local time is Sun time. The time the sun is highest in the sky and directly south is local noon. Taoists use local noon for all astrological and biological calculations. The possessed incredibly accurate solar water clocks in relative antiquity and could easily determine longitude to great accuracy before western civilization had even primitive time-keeping.

Previously, the Hsien Tien method calculation used Bejing time. Now you have the option of using your local time ( like a Taoist, or Imperial time, like a Confusian ). For the original method, set your time zone to 8 West(+). That's exactly 12 hours difference from my local time in zone 4 E(-) and a completely different hexagram. After all it's approaching midnight in Bejing at the moment while it's still before noon here.

This is a long standing issue with Chinese astrologers I have met, who in preparing a chart want only to know what time it was in Bejing when you were born. The Imperial powers did not have that level of control over the Taoists by any means.

Posted by james at March 17, 2011 10:46 AM